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It’s not picking it up. There I find two item pointing to my TV card: On the same PC I have Dscaler installed and it shows the streams without a glitch. Especially if Quiet is right above. I bring that up only because I had installed a webcam in the summer and I was wondering if it was incompatible with the Power Cinema software. What went wrong with all this when it was working fine for years?

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This morning I decided to add TV-Server and again it went up in a minute, installed the proper Hybrid card and launched the configuration. Expand Sound, video, and game controllers.

Follow the Hardware Update Wizard to update the captuee card driver. I just opened Dscaler again and checked the “Sources” menu. Ok ok i got the picture My soundcard is a sigmatel onboard intell MB. The cord sure only barely fits on it. But when i installed windows vista ultimate sp1 the vista dvd already comes with bundled sp1 after i installed the most recent drivers and the included pvr software, that device “x BDA Analog Audio Capture” doesn’t appear anywhere and it doesn’t appear in vista volume mixer, or in any tv capture program, INCLUDING the one that cames with the sound card!


You continued to hear the audio. But Power Cinema still wouldn’t capture video.

Driver 713x Bda Analog Capture

Thank you captuure much, people, for taking the time to read this. Actually, previously, for a while – no idea how long – it would do what I described above just the first time, then I would go back and go into it again and it would work just fine. Captur like this i have a MSI ANywhere plus pci card, i am using at the moment windows XP pro sp2, with a soundblaster audigy value 2, and i am able to capture ok, using another tv capture program IU Vcs.

These can be a nightmare to install properly and you have to follow precisely the instructions bra are given. Sep 28, Messages: I don’t know what BDA stands for. As I recall, he bought it himself and installed it and charged me for it.

Could the Logitech webcam be incompatible with both the Power Cinema and my new device? I prematurely e-mailed Amit to ask him more and to send him my current dxdiag file, which I figured out how to do from his instructions.

I think that covers everything. I can only use PowerCinema to watch tv on vista because vista doesnt recognize the tv capture card as a sound device, alas no programs can support the audio. EdalexJune 29, July 9, 3. Thanks in advance Gicomo. bdw


Driver x Bda Analog Capture

The software is Total Media 3. I found out you update drivers like this: In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.

Device conforms to the best speed pinnacle. Originally Posted by BeauWorld. Can’t capture video – HELP! I certainly hope Quiet is correct, because I think I’m going to wait a while before reinstalling the webcam again.

Notwithstanding that stupid port that filled in its’ own holes that caused me to have to get a new TV tuner. I uninstalled it and reinstalled Power Cinema 3.

There were no holes on the port for the cord to go into!

In fact, there wasn’t even some of the things advertised for Power Cinema 6 there. For example in vista after installing the drivers there is STILL no recoding vapture device in windows, while in xp it was there.