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Out of respect for the privacy of those affected, we decline further comment. I know of another white women Swedish who married a taxi driver on her visit to India. She is beautiful and tbh he is not bad looking at all. Indian Auto rickshaw images December 15, White women dig Auto drivers in India: History of rickshaw December 27, You ask me to refrain from making speculations, yet you’re free to call this fare cheating extortionist an “honest, hard working and a decent man”, what gives?

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Agra auto driver kills American wife, self.

Agra auto driver kills American wife, self | India News – Times of India

mafries I am surprised that he learned decent English. You always hear about young, American women being swept off their particular legs by European or Latin lovers with smooth accents and creative lines and American men by crafty prostitutes from Southeast Asiayou seldom hear about blue collar Indian entrepreneurs placing the allure on therefore dense.

Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. There, Willinger met Sharma, a year-old who made a living driving an autorickshaw, those three-wheeled green and yellow cabs.

Police inspect the rickshaw of Bunty Sharma, after he killed his wife and blew himself up at home. But their marriage soon headed into trouble and the couple started living separately over “differences” in their relationship, Mathur said. Are you an Auto Driver too?


He came to Canada, divorced in two weeks.

She rocked a sari and stated the woman parents had been mainly cool because of the whole scenario. Same thing happened here, some girl married a guy from Africa. While sex tourism, adventure tourism as well as medical tourism are on the rise, we question if a chronilogical age of partner tourism actually too far down?

American woman marries auto-rickshaw driver | Rickshaw Stories

They do follow their dreams, but they always seem to be in tears most the time, desperate for a hug, not that I deny them one. Read Post a comment. Did newlywed blindfold husband before pushing him off cliff? I wish them all the best and hope that a word such as “divorce” never comes in their life: It turned out he already was married in Africa and had a kid too. I see some jealous people here!! It took 3 days with this American tourist to fall head-over-heels for an Indian rickshaw driver.

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Battery operated rickshaw in Ludhiana December 25, Divorce is imminent in these types of marriages You ask me to refrain from making speculations, yet you’re free to call this fare cheating extortionist an “honest, hard working and a decent man”, what gives? Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Making Long-Distance Adore Work.

Love gone sour: Indian rickshaw driver kills American wife, then self

No harsh words against Seemandhra people: I suppose there will be a lot of applications to become a rickshaw driver now. Sharma accused Willinger of “talking to other men” He died in a house explosion that he caused.


Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Rumor has it that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom became engaged after 12 times of online dating, therefore Whitney and Harish should have had four times just as much love at first sight.

Per the report, an autorickshaw driver it’s like a fancy jeans golfcart ended up being hired by a year-old US traveler called Whitney she sounds hot to squire the lady across the town of Jaipur during a quick rickshas.

Not least in Goa http: She is beautiful and tbh he is not bad looking at all. Ahhh young white adventuress, following her dreams, loving the Camera’s and attention. Funny thing is If he was to marry an indian from a diff caste his family wouldve disowned him but cos hes marrying a gori that ll take him to america they give him their full blessings Nowt to do with love Its a meal ticket for him, pure and simple.