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Firstly because the left keyboard area wasn’t fitting neatly in the case, which can cause a rattling noise during hard typing and secondly because the space bar was moved to the right noticeable. The application performance can be considered as good due to the hardware. The FSC Amilo Xi presents itself almost in business style , with its simple shaped , black and gray surface parts – This is completely atypical in comparison with todays dominating shiny surfaces, outstanding material components and blinking LED illumination. The amount of disc space is also sufficiently large for a notebook. The Xi is thus a good choice regarding computing power. DirectX10 , like it is used in Crysis and some other games, is out of reach for the Xi

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The sound quality of the speakers is acceptable. This keeps the area on the left and right free of annoying cable and allows a place saving use on the desk. The notebooks target audience is therefore rather the casual xuwho plays either older games, or accepts the restrictions mentioned above in modern games.

Fujitsu AMILO Xi 2428 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

The resolution and details have to be lowered though, to achieve smooth frame rates in newer games. The Xi also convinces regarding the feel of its surface.

The surface offers good gliding and was neatly embedded into the case. The stability of the case scores well.


The sound of the speakers is good, despite their slightly hidden location. The keyboard showed some peculiarities like a slightly shifted space key.

The display lid with an elegant line shows an almost silky surface. The Amilo has a Xi This can cause rattling, especially during hard typing.

The feel of the laptop surface is high qualitybut it reveals some weaknesses under close inspection, specifically the display hinges. The battery life with a maximum duration of less than three hours only allows a limited mobile use.


We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi presents itself in our test as a well performing multimedia notebook. The touch pad is very responsive and there were no particular problems to note.

The Geforce M GS manages in the same situation well playable frame rates of over 60 fps. Depending on personal preference, a bit too much pressure is necessary to use the touch pad keys.

The top side of the base unit is rather pressure resistantthough it cannot prevent some light deformations, especially around the DVD drive. It also managed a good score in the 3DMark benchmark test.

Énumérateur Microsoft Bluetooth driver free download for windows – FUJITSU – AMILO Xi

However, some specific characteristics stand out regarding the key layout. Such hot surface temperatures are problematic during mobile usage of the notebook, if it is kept on the lap. We noticed significant surface heat at the bottom side of the notebook. The design of the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi is spartan with mainly gray and bluetooyh surfaces.



The battery life is rather limited. Intels T processor is still one of the most powerful mobile processors which are bluetpoth available for notebooks. Benchmark comparison 3D Mark Appearing reflections in particular are noticeable in vertical and horizontal direction, if the viewing angle is lowered. The FSC Amilo Xi presents itself almost in business stylewith its bluetoot shapedblack and gray surface parts – This is completely atypical in comparison with todays dominating shiny surfaces, outstanding material components and blinking LED illumination.

Displays with higher resolutions are recommended for users with higher requirements regarding overview and working space on the screen.

The space key for example, could be slightly short on the left side during usage. Although the WXGA display showed good brightness values in the test, we weren’t blueototh happy with the panel. Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi on Ciao.

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