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Regardless of the setting, holding the ATX switch for more than 4 seconds will power off the system. Features and Installation Just a brief glimpse reveals that Asus have loaded the board with some rather nice goodies. Page 30 Two serial ports can be used for pointing devices or other serial devices. Let’s have a look at the DRAM timings available. MP3 encoding is something that I regularly do, anything that saves time in that process is most welcome. Shifting large amounts of data from system memory to processor is the name of the game here, Let’s see how they compare when racing to calculate Pi to 10 million decimal places.

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Will the trend that we’ve observed so far continue here? This field reserves an address space for ISA expansion cards. The item heading in square brackets represents the default setting for that field.

Asus have always impressed me with their presentation and the A7VE is no different. Asus have worked hard to gain this enviable reputation, work that has seen them leap to become to 1 manufacturer of PC motherboards world-wide.

The usual power and system setup options are present too. Fitted with an motherbkard monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. Using our XP 13xcooled with a modified dual-fan Taisoland 1. Again, we see the Asus trailing the MSI at stock speeds but managing to overtake it when ‘clocked to the limit. Careless updating can result in your motherboard having more problems!


We’ve been able to empirically prove that Pifast thrives not only on pure CPU speed but also on memory throughput.

A7VC | ASUS Global

Page 22 Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer. It a7v626-c Asus’ lack of bandwidth is negatively impacting on results. Starting at the top and working our way down, we firstly see the rotated ZIFF socket. Our trusty synthetic friend, SiSoft Sandra, leads the way. Clicking the icon will allow you to see the status of your PC. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. All benchmarks were conducted at xx32 85Hz with vertical sync disabled. RAID 1 is more commonly used to back up data as one drive simply mirrors what’s is on the other.

Page 78 This page motherboadr intentionally left blank.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. You receive an excellently written main instruction manual, a quick setup guide for those who simply want to fire the motherboard up with the minimum of reading, a USB 1.

The RAID ports are located motherboarr the main IDE ports, we’d wish Asus would differentiate the ports like most other manufacturers do, a completely different colour would have sufficed. The Asus is almost unique in that it offers both jumper and jumper-free modes of operation.


We’ll try the test at Fastest to garner an idea of total throughput and then at Quality to represent something that mirrors actual playing resolutions. Bit Binary Digit Represents the smallest unit of data used by the computer. The layout of the board is generally good with the asuz of an oddly placed floppy drive port. If not detected, the USB controller is disabled.

Asus also show the relative running speed of the PCI bus. Both systems were configured for maximum performance. The Asus seems to fall short of this little bit extra, it does a lot of things well but fails to set our world on fire.

Asus A7V266-C

In DOS mode, type A: As part of our stability testing, we ran SETI. The memory throughput is a far more interesting comparison.

Can you say consistent?