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It worked flawlessly for me! Retrieved 25 May I checked my BIOS and found the options: My laptop is a Samsung Chronos series 7. Jun 11 I nevertheless held out hope that perhaps the problem would go away if I had Catalyst switched to integrated graphics using sudo amdconfig –px-igpu, as you suggested.

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This repository contains all the necessary packages. However, you have BIOS updated, so, let’s figure it out if will work now. But that is not the point. The file will be like this: You are most valuable amx. Delete it and restart your system after, remove fglrx driver and remove nomodeset parameter.

AMD Catalyst Display Driver 12.4 for Windows Vista/7 64-bit

In both Fit an Expand mode AMD is compensating for the mismatched resolutions by creating a virtual desktop that is of a different resolution than the monitors, and then either padding it out or cropping it as is necessary. However, if i may ask you an advice: It won’t work on Ubuntu desktop 32 bit tested.


Retrieved 20 July I do not see a dynamic mode in the BIOS options where are you guys seeing this option? All of the GCN-based chips were made using the 28nm process, becoming the first chips ever to be based on that technology.

List of fully supported computers: Retrieved from ” https: Nicolla I updated my bios and last night with a fresh install of ubuntu The AMD Catalyst software suite But anyway I just done reformatting my machine and use the Ubuntu The advanced video quality settings are now correctly displayed in the Catalyst Control Center.

Key features promised by ATI include frequent driver-updates with performance enhancements, bug fixes, and new features. Running module version sanity check.

Now write without the quotes “startx” and press Enter. It’s strange to me but I got used to. UVD 7 [17] [d]. I have a Lenovo Y I also notice the same thing when I use Blender 3D.

I was no more able to start Xserver, i had to login by a console so I decided to install againg the whole system. Installed the drivers as per instructions – the ati chip got enabled and works pretty good.


I have also Vostro but with i5. I have been using integrated graphics for several months now in an attempt to reduce power consumption, though it was still high compared to windows 7 powertop showed range of watts with typical use including web browsing. Setting up fglrx 2: There is very little error checking as the script assumes that the user is capable of picking up on errors, and can solve any problems that may arise.

Otherwise, Have you tried to google this errors?

AMD Radeon HD G – Tech

It has extensive hot-key support. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Views Read Edit View history. Can anyone reproduce this? The latest version of the AMD Catalyst software suite is designed to support the following Microsoft Windows platforms: amf