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By Attila – January 6, The 4 line modules are actually 2 LCD module pack into one. When I try to Build the project there are two errors: By Bhargav – July 26, 1: They are also easy to make and use. Rashad Can you suggest some required improvements?

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I have set it to 1Mhz but my lcd displays only black boxes on the first line and blank second line.

By Avinash – February 19, 5: By Avinash – April 20, 1: Thnx… your project helped me a lot.! I have tested with many modules.

Using LCD Module with AVRs

Second, your main-function should begin with a: Can anybody help me? Is there anyway to alter lcd.

I made the necessary changes in lcd. By Avinash – April 5, 6: By Dweck – June 10, 5: Pls help me to solve this issue. By Avinash – April 28, 4: I hope it will be useful for you.


By Avinash – November 30, 8: Should I connect all of them to the same port? Thanks Avinash, How can I print a float to the LCD, I am counting pulses on T1 on an Atmegap for 5 seconds then calculating the pulses per minute and pulses per second, From there I calculate a dose rate in uSieverts per hour for a give energy level, The result is a floating point variable, I have had a look through lcd.

By Alex – January 30, 8: I have tried out many times. Is there ave32 way to make cursor be invisible by default? The links are mentioned in the post.

Using LCD Module with AVRs | eXtreme Electronics

By PeterS – July 16, 7: In the library you define l lcd. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Nice project, helped me a lot! How can I print a floating point value to the LCD. Nahian Rahman Thank you very much… Let me try it out….

By Ethan – April 20, 1: My question is it ok eliminate reading data from L. By Bhavin – January 7, By asim – April 8, 2: By Precious – August 11, 7: By Avinash – May 26, 4: Any help and reply if possible… Thanks. You have to change the integer or float to a string. By Precious – August 14, 1: