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Some interaction seems to throw the A out of its normal operating range into high distortion mode, relatively speaking – I’d guess at least several percent distortion, maybe more, and its “ratty” nature suggested it might be IM distortion. Not to mention the increased voltage for the regulators from 9V to 12V, as well as bigger caps uf instead of uf. Johan March 18, at 3: Even with a flat impedance curve you’re likely to see higher distortion and potentially inferior damping. No buggy drivers required. Anon, if you’re not happy with your on-board audio, I’d suggest you just stop using it entirely.

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Problem with Behringer UCA202

The optical output only works from content played on your PC. I’ll probably buy the UCA I believe it’s possible to spend a lot less and not hear a difference uca2002 blind testing.

The no load voltage is mV and with ohms it was mV. I really doubt at that low of level there’s anything specific to the Polk speakers that was “upsetting” the amps.

NwAvGuy August 23, at bejringer Jan 21, at See the “Sequel” post here on the blog. Switched to a big Crown power amp I had lying around, and the Polks sounded clean as a whistle through that passage. With more typical headphones the hiss was inaudible, or barely audible, at any setting. Post 8 of 9.


Behringer UCA review and drivers

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Small devices tend to, out of necessity, physically locate the right and left channel circuitry close together. At first I thought it must be in the recording we’re talking rock music here, after all, where distortion is often added in the mix for effectbut the passage sounded clean on all other listening devices I tried it on.

See my criteria of “what matters” for the O2 Headphone Amp. The Behringer is neither.

In a few areas such as speakers spending more gets you better sound. Hi NwAvGuym, What a great review!

Otherwise you may want to consider the Creative X-Fi Go Pro for lower impedance headphones under ohms or the Asus Xonar U3 for headphones ohms and higher.

I need something to hook my PC up to a tube amp which only take RCAs as an input, you think this will be a good solution to that? You might have your analog connections wrong kca202 the volume turned all the way down on the UCA It may take several seconds. Generally the line outs perform very similar to, or better, than the headphone output.


Their gear can stand up to just about anything comparable at any price in terms of both measurements and blind listening tests. Sean March 1, at 1: But it will have an effect but probably not more that about 3 dB which isn’t too serious. With an impedance of ohm, and a sound pressure level of dB, that version seems to be a great match for this little DAC.

There are now much better audio interfaces. Thanks for the quality information in a well presented behringee. Both of these tend to reduce channel separation. You might want to wait and see how those reviews turn out.

NwAvGuy December 8, at If you don’t need the volume control, I would use the line outputs if possible. Working at different samplerates than the maximum behrringer lead to high frequency responce problems coming from the DAC and increased IMD distortion as is the case with my SoundBlaster when it works at