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O, Trivandrum – For more up-to-date prices please contact us at or visit our store. Compaq has some very well priced laptops in the Presario series. BY webmaster 10 years ago. Please take a look at some of the similar products below

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I was looking for these thank you very much. I have installed windows vista on the machine but the bluetooth adaptor has not been detected by the system.

Compaq Presario CTU Notebook PC – Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

For more up-to-date prices please contact us at or visit our store. Then select “Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install” 5. Click Next and then select “Sound, video and game controller” from the list. Ignore any errors you receive and proceed with the installation.

Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. EXE file to a directory on your hard drive.

Compaq Presario C772TU Notebook PC – Product Specifications

Email The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder on hard drive. Lubrication of the hinge is possible, but not recommended; if the wrong type of lubricant is used, it could damage the laptop’s case or seep into the electrical components and further damage the laptop. Do contact us if you have problems.


Has anyone faced the same problem? Restart the notebook when the installation is complete. The prices for Toshiba Laptops is attached below. Consult a professional technician if you feel that your hinges require lubrication. If screws are missing, contact the laptop’s manufacturer to order replacement screws; hinges missing screws are subjected to additional stress and can wear out faster if steps are not taken to replace the screw.

But continue with the following steps to get the audio driver installed correctly. Remove the hinge covers and check that the machine screws that secure the hinges are tightened fully.

Other Problems Hinges can also be damaged when the laptop is picked up by its lid, dropped from various heights or opened beyond the angle at which it should stop.

Here we have given all the links of hardware drivers for the same laptop, for Windows XP You can either click or copy the given link and paste them onto a new driver to download them. The price list is attached below.

HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site. This machine is designed to work with Windows Vista.

Installing this driver may result in an error.

Lenovo Laptop Pricelist May Try the latest ubuntu. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

If there are restricted drivers for this model, then enable them and restart fisplay normal mode and try X. The prices excluding taxes for May are given below The prices for the complete Compaq Presario range is given below. Click Browse, Choose the location where you have saved the extracted folder.


See about us for contact information. The same method which is used for installing displqy driver needs to be followed for modem.

Drivers for Compaq Presario CTU Laptop for Windows XP | Zyxware Technologies

A loose display or a lcd screen that does not stay up is in most cases the result of faulty laptop hinges but can also sometimes be caused by a broken lcd hinge bracket and not the hinges themselves so please make sure that it is the hinges that need displa and not the hinge brackets. Download these files and save them for back up for future use. In order to get the most life out of your laptop’s idsplay, it is not a bad idea to perform a yearly inspection.

Compaq Presario Laptop Pricelist May