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Joined Oct 25, Messages Originally Posted by mikedean Want to hide this ad? This thread is days old. It’s worth going to a club fitter and they may be able to help with shaft choice, the guy I saw was great and he actually glued shafts into my 6 iron, gripped them and let me hit some balls before making a decision.

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Aa, I think you should have been sold a stiff shaft to begin with. Region3 Ryder Cup Winner Dec 16, If not, please start a new topic. I just had my irons reshafted with rifle 6. What three golf clubs should I learn to golf with? Even though I have never tried to do this, I have a plan to reshaft my iron set by myself. Brian Peck 27 years old. I’m going to try and put a couple of graphite shafts in some irons to try out the graphite shafts.

The most important thing uou is to mix it up really well. Yok, you said ‘usually’ you need a shaft puller for graphite.

I just line them up on my work bench from shortest to longest.


Do you know the proper tip trim for each club? Will the resultant swing weights be correct? Originally Posted by Hawk. Cann a tough balance and I’m not sure you could make it all work with a senior flex. Steel shafts do not need to be replaced. Hello all, I’ve got a question, and I couldn’t quite get the answer I was looking for using the search feature I tried, trust me.

How much to re-shaft irons?

Club heads are still in good nick, thanks to Ping craftsmanship, but the shafts have a few rust flecks and don’t feel like they perform the same across the set. If this is done while the clubhead is still warm it will be removed much easier.

It doesn’t take much to loosen epoxy. I just built my first set and it ylu a breeze. I am buying a new set of irons due to the fact that mine need re-shafting.

When should you reshaft golf clubs? – Quora

This epoxy has a full bond in about 20 minutes. I thought I would have to wait until I got a shaft puller to swap out shafts.

Is it something you can do yourself? The simple thing to do is to get some that are exactly the size of your hosel. Several reshatt may not work. Ballard on Length of Backswing.


Reshafting a driver. – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Simplistically, are they the right weight and flex. Usually I can bomb it straight slight draw – it’s natural dan all my clubsbut other times I dead pull my drive, or duck-hook it. Find a shaft you like and then either get that put yuo or find a club in your price range with that shaft already on it. Also try Gamola for your grips, they always have some sort of deal on and their service is excellent. I am assuming you are doing steel removals. Sorry, what shafts are in the Pings?

That effect doesn’t normally happen on chrome. Not to mention the 5 days they would need to keep it to get it done.