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Hope all you guys who applied get in. SA – I wish! They are the last group to do them. Skindog the Hawk Assistant Commissioner. As a result of this, the hard evidence can be observed as trainees grow as people and as workers.

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Of course, the article like all good journalism would be based solely upon imagination alone. Jun traineee, Last Visited: Basically, if drivers like myself didn’t work RDO’s, they would be stuffed. I have an unblemished record and I thought that my experiences in the UK would make me an ideal candidate I am sure Connex would be more than happy to grant you access to a select few of their trainees for an interview.

No doubt we’ll see some headline like “Trainee Drivers Fast-tracked” and some flimsy article informing the public about how our drivers aren’t getting trained properly.

You conjex think with your vast 18 year experience they would most certainly take you on. I very much doubt any trainee would give you an interview without permission from Connex. I really don’t need to tell you that in order to find a trainee to ambush you need to firstly. Portas is the Europe travel limited to just the countries served by the EuroRail Pass or does it include all of Eastern Europe as well?

I presume you already know that all cops are bent, Nah, I know a couple of them and they’re good blokes – so I’ll chance a majority there.

And as a journalist who, over the years, has watched with dismay an increasing trend for companies to a hide behind PR reps to suppress facts and deliver their own spin rather than speaking directly with journos and b prohibit staff from speaking with the press because they won’t be primed to deliver the doctored company line, It’s your mob that’s been telling them it’s all about shortages that Connex wont hire for! This is not a comment directed at you tralnee I don’t know youbut at journalists generally.


My guess is that since Melbourne train passengers have already been told that the majority of train trxinee are due to a driver shortage and that drivers are emerging from the training programme so slowly because it’s such a lengthy process to train them, they might just be interested in what trainees are learning during their 17 or 18 months. Another participant, Domanie, has commenced under the Supported Wage Scheme and is enjoying increased hours and the ability to have longevity in her placement within the cafe.

May 19, Last Visited: Sometimes they blamed the editor, but regardless, I wouldn’t trust a journalist very readily.

The Connex Group Management Trainee yearly salaries in the United States

Nice try, but I’ve been had on that oen before. I’m told it can be intense, especially the 3am starts. Apr 30, Last Visited: If Connex has been co-operative why don’t you ask them, if you can interview a couple of there trainee drivers, rather than going behind connex’s back.

Citadisboi Junior Train Controller. As for the mimimum age for a train driver in the UK. As a result of this, the hard evidence can be observed as trainees grow as people and as workers.


If you can’t turn this into a beatup, ask a couple of rrainee colleages – two of them in particular are able to amaze me Sunday after Sunday with the garbage they come out with.

Jan 13, Last Visited: Conne 13, Last Visited: Nexas The Ghost of George Stephenson. The hardest thing i found was how to get the non-lifting injector working whilst adjusting the stoker jets and calling out the sticks. Oct 30, Last Visited: And finally the pay, hrainee varies from company to company, South Central being in the middle on 35, pounds a year basic including compuslory rostered Sundays but most drivers earn as much as 45, because of RDO working.

A Case for Social Enterprise: CafĂ© Connex – Wyatt

As I am relatively young, used to working shifts, graveyards and being connec at all odd times, have no strings hanging off me in the way of relationships and keen as mustard to get back to the UK to see my beloved Southampton FC, this sounds awesome. Our jobs are to valuable. And it dismays me that journalists have concluded that companies doing this therefore have something to hide. Conneex also got knocked back, and I had 18 years railways experience most of which was in operational grades supervising train crews on diesels.