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After some more pondering and beating my head against the keyboard, I decided to mod lcdproc. If you need the keypad to remain the same height for your application, please email support crystalfontz. Read our Privacy Statement to learn more. If you have an issue or a question you can go post it in their forum after registering naturally and you can normally expect an answer ASAP. The CFA series of advanced display modules will be changing from the previous firmware revision of 2. We have a display for that! Engineering samples for qualification for the revised CFA are scheduled to be available Q3 of

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To make LCD module less sensitive to supply variations Impact: At first, neither the LCDproc stable? To obtain more information on the CFA family replacement, the CFA family, please send an email to support crystalfontz.

As part of our continuous improvement process, we are integrating the ordering of displays in drive bay and SLED kits as part of the display ordering process. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i.

We will provide you the following when available: Thank you for understanding.


Urwid on a Crystalfontz LCD –

This change will eliminate the current “kits”, but will add options not previously available such as pre-configured ATX functionality, and ALL the currently available interfaces will be orderable in a drive bay bracket or SLED. This functionality is being moved to the Customize and Add to Cart process when checking out.

Continue to order and build with the CFA as required by production schedules. The majority of the changes to the firmware have been in support of the RW LCD controller and are transparent to the user interface. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet. January 3, Summary: This option will result in a blinking underscore. There is no scheduled price change to the CFA family at this time.

20×4 Character Display Module

We will provide you the following when available: Fixes Updates to timings and sequence of Serial interface power up to prevent possible corruption of data displayed. Part numbers have changed accordingly: There is no price change associated with this product update notice. You can even plot a power curve with as many points as you want. Need some help finding a display?

This new module is the CFA family. After the announcement, Crystalfontz America, Inc began designing a replacement module and planned for continuing to manufacture and support the CFA family until a compatible replacement module was designed and available.


There is no scheduled price crystalfohtz to the CFA family at this time. The incoming power supply range is 2. Read our Privacy Statement to learn more. Support for the CFA product announcement. Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience. On Windows, it shows up as both a CrystalFontz device their driver and an additional serial port.

LCDproc (dev) and CrystalFontz USB misery | Netgate Forum

Subscribe to our Newsletter Product information, software announcements, and special offers. The new firmware is designed with a priority of backward compatibility.

The changes to the CFA 1v2 hardware are as follows: Over the next 6 months or so, we will be transitioning to a keypad that is 1. Transition to the CFA 1v2 hardware and supporting firmware should be a seamless process. Design changes have been made to maximize backward compatibility.