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Our articles may contain affiliate links. Sometimes, there is even the possibility to sleep in Bran Castle. Romanian history is steeped in supernatural folklore. Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan. They had two conflicting reactions to that: Bran is the castle with the most medieval look of all the imposing buildings of Transylvania.

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These two types of behavior were present both before the fall of communism inand after. Furthermore, like everywhere else in the world, such castles cannot be maintained as private residences [because of the huge financial costs]. Bran Castle is the fascinating castles we have visited in Europe.

Elizabeth Bathory was responsible for torturing and killing hundreds of young women between and Do you think this agreement will be extended? In the s, [during communism] Romanians realized, once they had more contacts with the West, that there is a myth of Dracula [different from the historical figure of Vlad the Impaler], and that this myth was somehow connected to Transylvania.

The Week’s Best Photojournalism. An exhibition fitting the Count perhaps. Although Bram Stoker’s book located Dracula’s imaginary castle somewhere else in Transylvania, it was still the Romanians, and not very long ago, who began advertising Bran as Dracula’s castle.

The countess displayed vampiric tendencies by drinking and bathing in the blood of young virgins in the belief she could attain eternal youth.

Somehow, since the whole story megadrier placed in Transylvania, a location for [the castle] was needed in the same region.

These stories were then adapted by Bram Stoker in the romantic-gothic fashion of the 19th century.


The Myth and Mystery of Bran Castle Transylvania | Vagrants Of The World Travel

Bran is the castle with the most medieval look of all the imposing buildings of Transylvania. Was it somehow necessary to establish a clear connection, even a fictitious one, between Dracula, and Transylvania? We would like to thank Bran Castle cwstle allowing us to visit with Sprocket the dog. Travelon Anti-theft Crossbody bag. Bran Castle is not entirely about the business of Dracula.

Under the agreement with the Romanian government, Bran Castle will remain a museum. Queen Maria [who had the castle renovated by Czech architect Karel Liman] left Bran Castle to her daughter, Princess Ileana, who married Anton of Habsburg, and today’s inheritors are the megaadriver of their marriage. The castle personally belonged to Queen Maria [the wife of King Ferdinand of Romania], it was not part of the royal house’s properties.

Romania: Did Dracula Ever Set Foot In Dracula’s Castle?

One of the most beautiful and touristic areas of Romania. Most left disappointed at the lack of interest given to the subject by most Romanians. Travel adapter with dual USB Charger.

What to do in Sozopol Bulgaria. Bran Castle has become a very visited monument, a venue for cultural tourism, and the noble families who regain such edifices are wisely thinking about continuing the museum tradition in [such] cases. Bram Stoker never actually travelled to Romania but describes many real locations and captures the essence of the Transylvanian landscape.

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and the stunning Transylvanian countryside, the castle is the perfect setting for outdoor events. If you ever considered visiting Romania, do it for nothing else than to visit the Transylvania region. Although some of his victims appear to have been German colonists who built Bran Castle at the end of the 14th century, historians have cautioned that there is little or no connection at all between Vlad the Impaler and Bran Castle.


The Dracula myth itself has a complicated story, which began with some hostile stories [about Vlad the Impaler’s extreme cruelty] written by the German colonists of southern Transylvania, who hated Vlad Tepes [because of his attempts to control their trade].

It was the lore and legends of Transylvania that allowed Stoker to piece together his macabre tale, bringing together a mix of myth and some sinister and infamous characters throughout Romanian history. The landscape that leads you there, the picturesque town and the fascinating stories that surround this both foreboding and regal residence.

Information on opening hours further on. Bran Castle is arguably the country’s most famous medieval landmark, as it is often called Dracula’s Castle.

Romania: Did Dracula Ever Set Foot In Dracula’s Castle?

More recently, though, Transylvania has embraced the popularity of Dracula and welcomes vampire hunters with open arms. How did Bran Castle end up as part of the heritage of the Romanian royal family?

As we ascended the stairs to Bran Castle in the Carpathian Castoe of Romania; as if on cue, a strong cold wind swept up from the valley, cutting through the warm sunny day.