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The sensitivity of the camera was terrible. By clicking on the ‘Sign Up! He mentioned that the venerable Cookbook camera had been an inspiration for the DSI series. I use Meade’s Envision software to capture the image sequences. To view this digimag, Adobe Flash player is required. The software is coded in VS.

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Meade had upgraded the software somewhat. He sent it to me. The aluminum housing is crudely cast and minimally machined. Altair Hypercam M V2 mono astronomy imaging camera. The Ring Nebula picture was taken in the fall of from my half-completed observatory. The color rendition in the images was terrible. The field of view was microscopic. To view this digimag, Adobe Flash player is required. He got it to work but gave up on it as a serious CCD camera.

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We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. A sensor inside the camera takes the temperature of the chip and displays the data on your computer screen. Watch the latest episode on BBC iPlayer. This is a stack of 74 exposures each 15 seconds long, with no tracking or guiding.


When the DSI-Pro was announced, we briefly considered writing a book for new users who were sure to find imaging with these low-end cameras daunting — so I “invested” in a DSI-Pro. If you already have an AutoStar-controlled telescope, the DSI Pro II should be a serious consideration; the level of integration between software, camera and scope is excellent.

This review appeared in the January issue of Sky at Night Magazine.

In winter, when it’s cooler, the longer exposures might be superior. When I got my observatory fully operational early in summerI shot the four images that follow. mexde

Focusing is easy because my Newtonian’s diffraction spikes split into two parallel lines when the image is slightly out of focus. A detailed s exposure of M27, but without a software fix the raw image suffers from too much noise. Our main concern was the base level of noise it generated. The software is coded in VS.

Maybe I was a little jealous, or maybe just plain curious, but I had to see what Meade had accomplished. Then I lock the focus, close down Magnifier, increase the exposure to 2 seconds, move to my target, and center it.

On a cool night you can expose for several minutes. The software was buggy and froze up. AutoStar Suite has everything you need to plan, capture and process your images.

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I set it for 2x resampling and let AIP4Win stack the image series. Although their initial attempts to enter the amateur CCD market were flops, it was unlikely that this aggressive company would sit by while others cashed in on anything to do with astronomy.

Deep Sky Imager (DSI) IV / Telescopes, Solar Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes

Find out where to buy your equipment with our Retailer Guide. But once in a while everything worked, and images actually popped up on the computer screen. This proved to be true: I can honestly say that it was a bear to install and a pain in the butt to operate.

I then use MicroSoft’s Magnifier program to blow up the image really big on the screen. Then, when you take an image, Envisage looks for the dark frame with the closest temperature match and subtracts it automatically to get rid of the noise — a really nice touch. Envisage dai a clever program geared towards getting you the best image possible.