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Below is a benchmark we did with similar hardware, and a few differences noted. I know I configured it when I ran it in a server. I wish I didn’t want to game. Better than on par? Good call, sorry for not including that in the first place. Logs on RAID5 is not a recommended practice, logs and data on the same arry is not recommended and finally; OS and logs and data on the same array is not recommended.

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For the rest it probably applies.

Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. That’s why I wasn’t sure. It seems like it wants a folder with the driver files inside.

Smart Array E200i Controller Drivers

AFAIK is the slowest possible disk configuration. Sign up using Facebook. It doesn’t show up at all leaving me to believe that this controller isn’t that unknown device. Ill have to see about how to manually install a driver. However data rate readings can lie! ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells 8, 2 25 What is the proper StartingOffset? Having this Battery in place gives the disk controller a good boost in performance.


I never used drivers when running linux. You may also want to run fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo x: I can’t find anything online to help. So these are the locations of the two: The Ei has notoriously poor performance, as documented by Lukas here and Ryan here. I have similar configurations using 3Ware cards producing well over iostats so I was trying to figure out what the??? The upgraded cards seem to be the answer. The middle top pin is keyed though.

Solved: Smart Array Ei Drivers for Windows 10 Pro – HP Support Community –

I had Debian on one of the raid volumes to boot from so it windpws recognize the drives fine if the card is functioning. Write Random Raid5 3 HD: Post as a guest Name. That’s a thought off the top of my head for a configuration one might reasonably expect to see on an ML It would indicate averaging a data read about every two revolutions of the disks.


Nate Pinchot 1 2 9. I am honestly not as familiar with Windows. You should be able to use the windows server drivers, r2 is close enough to windows 7 that it should work. Wijdows some more insight into your configuration I can’t really say what might be causing the problem.

So, the first one I would think. I know I configured it when I ran it in a server. For example, how are the disks set up? That’s all I got. Hp requires a payment to even let me ask a damn question.

However, I have no idea if that matches your actual configuration, so I can’t really comment on whether the observations are relevant in your case. Below is a benchmark we did with similar hardware, and a few differences noted.