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The Core i is a quad-core CPU at 3. AMD was rumored to be working on a new revision of Bulldozer that would reduce power consumption, but the core if it existed never saw the light of day. Behold Bulldozer’s second coming”. Nov 5, by Thomas Ryan. Architectures are named bdver1 and bdver2 for Bulldozer and Piledriver respectively.

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AMD’s Bulldozer core compared with Piledriver

These should provide confirmation about FMA3 not being present in Bulldozer. Nov 5, by Thomas Ryan.

Look beyond the direct AMD comparison and the situation looked even worse. Stack Overflow works best with Piledrievr enabled. Steamroller – Family 15h 3rd-gen.

Already have an account? In our conclusion to last year’s FX review I wrote the following: Komodo was to launch in on the Piledrivr socketbut this never happened. Although each module appears as two cores in the operating system, they don’t have as many resources as traditional AMD cores.

AMD FX-8350 and FX-6300 Piledriver Review

Global Offensive results shown above we can see that Piledriver offers a measurable advantage over Bulldozer. I’ll go find a place where an FMA3 should work and see bullcozer happens. The new lineup is in the table below: Piledriver is a bit more power efficient than Bulldozerwhich enables AMD to drive Vishera’s frequency up while remaining in the same thermal envelope as Zambezi.


Nexiuz is a game that, even with Vsync disabled has a frame cap at 63 frames per second. Retrieved 11 March Six percent is the average advantage that Piledriver piledrivre over Bulldozer when both are in an eight core configuration, and clocked at 4Ghz.

List of AMD FX microprocessors – Wikipedia

For more comparisons be sure to check out our performance database: About this time last year, AMD’s new Bulldozer-based FX series launched to bright-eyed system builders who expected the new architecture to challenge Intel’s increasingly comfortable position in the upper-end processor market. Views Read Edit View history.

Clock speeds and TDPs are also up compared to Trinity. These chips are obviously much larger than Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge parts, but Intel has a full node advantage there which enables that. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August The best answers would come from programmers who have tested these instructions and instruction sets on their bulldozer [and piledriver] CPUs.

Again, Piledriver doesn’t change this architecture in any significant way, meaning the module design still exists in today’s Vishera FX series processors. Moving to our Paint.


AMD’s FX analyzed: Does Piledriver deliver where Bulldozer fell short? – ExtremeTech

ipledriver So, while AMD claimed that its FX was the first true eight-core desktop processor, it wasn’t in reality and its performance reflected that. Some Opteron 32 nm processors. For convenience I am reproducing screenshots here for Zambezi and Vishera the desktop parts:. In 7-zip we have an eight percent gain, and in the SunSpider benchmark we have the largest advantage shown in our testing, a whopping 12 percent.

Piledriver includes improvements over the original Bulldozer microarchitecture: GCC follows the same semantics. Sign up for freeit takes 30 buoldozer. Retrieved 10 February As a fabless semiconductor manufacturer, AMD is now at GF’s mercy when it comes to moving process technology forward. The table above says it all.

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