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Microphone quality is about par as well, and maximum range is a normal feet. An outlandish price for bargain-basement hardware. You are a musician: They work very hard to get quality products to you quickly. Existing iPaq foldable keyboards will work with the rz, and HP plans on marketing a snap-on thumb keyboard starting in August.

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If you order late on a Friday or any time on Saturday or Sunday, your item s will not ship until the next business day, which is Monday. Try out some of the most popular games links included on the CD. Existing iPaq foldable keyboards will work with the rz, and HP plans on marketing a snap-on thumb keyboard starting in August.

For local pick-ups, we accept cash or card. Being low-end is no reason to condemn a product—many people buy low-end for affordability, expendability, and simplicity. The remaining 15 MB then has to be split up between running programs and storage, leaving about 8 MB for each. The sides are totally plain, as is the back, except for the usual sticker giving regulatory complience information.

Because of the nature of LCD displays, they can sometimes ipaqq different from different angles, losing contrast or taking on color shades.

Unreasonable price Cheap contruction No wireless Little memory Non-replacable battery Lackluster processor. Normally, any Pocket PC that does not have a seperate DC power jack comes with a small tip that allows you to plug the power supply directly into the docking port without hauling along the cradle or sync cable.


Tracking is uploaded automatically within 1 business day to your order gp on eBay for you to view.

HP iPAQ rz PDA | eBay

Suffice to say, I doubt that the casing would survive too serious of a drop, but that can be said of any Pocket PC. Not only is the rz slower, but it has less memory and no wireless compared to the Microphone quality is about par as well, and maximum range is a normal feet.

The basic WiFi card works, but that leaves no option for expanding your already scarce memory. View your photos in high-quality color on the crisp 3. The design is boxy, the look and feel is cheap, and the sudden cut from light silver front to dark grey back makes it look hacked together.

This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. You may checkout with any major credit card through PayPal if you do not have a PayPal account. Forget video, forget most games, forget serious multitasking, or anything resource-demaning. Payment All transactions should be paid for through eBay using PayPal as it is our preferred method of receiving payment.

Audio quality is about the same as other Pocket PCs.

Even the name seems to reflect this. Now with both portrait and landscape viewing modes. The only integrated connectivity options are an infrared or cable connection to a desktop or ipqa.

You can make your digital music mobile and listen rz175 your favorite tunes wherever you go. No worries about it falling out at least. If there is a problem with the product, you must contact us within 30 days of arrival so that we may resolve the issue within your warranty period.


HP iPAQ rz1715 PDA

The back is a grey plastic that puts me in mind of the casing of the fz1715 Palm III that I once bought for a family member. Get fast and flexible playback with great audio and video quality with Windows Media Player 9 Series.

The is a glorified dayplanner. Not a bad idea, but it makes just toggling the backlight on and off more difficult.

Integrated Personal Information Manager PIM software package keeps up with your busy i;aq, stores your favorite phone numbers, and tracks your “to do” list. Walks like a turkey, talks like a turkey, and is priced like a peacock.

HP iPAQ rz Pocket PC Information Review

All items are warehoused in MN and ship within one business day after your order. Though the rz is quite good from straight on, it suffers more distortions and at hpp lesser angle than my X30 and others.

It can be pressed with the very pointy tip of the default stylus, but most third-party styluses would be too large to do so.