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On the earlier PhotoSmart scanner, we observed a minor problem with the calibration process, which showed up in very dark areas on some of our standard images. Thus, the “dark” end of the histogram has almost no data present in it. This is a clue to bring down either the midtone or shadow sliders. All the film-handling mechanics are built into the unit itself, and you simply select among the three media types with a front-panel push-button. It turned out that light reflections inside the scanner caused the feed rollers to cast shadows on portions of the print under them. Another common situation is that a number of images will need more or less similar setups, as they were all captured under similar conditions. It will eject them if not done just so.

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This software provides the scanning control and color correction functions it is fully automatic nothing to set. EZ Print Link Readers have requested free-formatted versions of our reviews without the graphical accouterments of our page designto make printing easier. Save on Scanners Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

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It takes patience to learn the machine and get good results. Overall, the PhotoSmart’s sharpening does a fantastic job, but pros will still want to use more flexible packages to optimize for printed output. If you have an older Windows ’95 machine, you’re probably out of luck, even if the motherboard has USB ports, as they really weren’t supported properly until the “B” version. It will eject them if not done just so.


The new model is much more than just an evolutionary upgrade though: I upgraded to Windows 8. Very easy to use. Follow this link to find the package. However, for images you are afraid to send out for fear of damage or loss, this device does a wonderful job.

The trick is to know when to stop stretching, so you don’t lose detail at either end of the range. THX for the Link! Calibration Actually, before we get into the scanning process itself, it would probably be photosmarr good idea to mention calibration. Has anyone tried these? To calibrate it, bring up the scanner photoxmart dialog box as described in the scanner documentation, and insert the special calibration print from the back of the user’s guide book. This is extremely rare, based on our experience in testing a wide range of different scanners.

The concept of a histogram see the screen shot at right is quite simple, but may take a little getting used to upon first contact.

My “bar” might be lower than photosmaart professional’s or a true archivist’s but if you’re looking to save and safeguard a similar collection of family memories, this unit is a great tool for the purpose regardless of its age! As you’ll see in our analysis on the pictures pagewe were consistently surprised amazed?

Whew, that’s quite a list! HP Photosmart S20 Scanner 10 product ratings 4. We found the PhotoSmart S20 Scanner capable of producing beautiful, highly-detailed scans, with almost no tweaking of the scan controls.


The default settings for all scan types slides, negatives, and prints almost always produced excellent images right off the bat. This is not for large batch projects.

Set-up and scanning are slow. Filters are stored under names you give them, appearing in the “Filters” menu.

Solved: HP Photosmart S20 – HP Support Community –

Once we’d done this, the scanner successfully detected the slide every time. You can google for the original software, but I haven’t seen any for sale, except with an s20 scanner.

People tend to either avoid it altogether, or use it to try to correct for poor focus in the original image which it really can’t do. Another common situation is that a number of images will need more or less similar setups, as they were all captured under similar conditions.

HP PhotoSmart S20 Photo Scanner

The earlier model used an even faster, but much more difficult-to-connect SCSI port, and required adding an ISA-bus card to your computer in order to use it. On the new S20 model, we didn’t observe this effect at all, in any of our tests. Trending Price New.