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July 24th, 5. Add it right at the beginning of the file. Extract it to a directory somewhere safe. Originally Posted by Rodolfo Medina. This was originally written for Gentoo Linux which compiles everything from source.

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I’ve got E to work too with the following conf.

USB_ModeSwitch • Huawei E USB_modeswitch doesn’t seem to work

You will copy, unpack and edit files, so maybe you could ask some friends of yours to assist Extract it to a directory somewhere safe. I copied it from dalelane. Is there anything else I can do?

You might have to reboot or remove and reinsert the modem a couple of times to get it to work. I’ve been comparing the Momodesing usb modem-pendrive with the Nokia cellular phone used as modem.

Install the packages netbaseifupdownand ppp if you don’t have them already: Same here, it was so easy I learnt nothing.

I mean, sometimes this does work, but very rarely.

Mon Aug 04, 3: Hi rykel, could you please: I know it’s ridiculous, but Guawei cannot think of anything better in these circumstances. Download full text 5. None of these solutions works on my The writer has neither met nor tested the circumstance in question.


Huawei E setup help needed

Looking for target devices No target device found Looking for default devices No default device found. If people are actually finding this post and using the script I’ll update it to be more user friendly. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. I just needed to execute it once.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Didier Raboud odyx wrote on Now we can start dialing up.

I came across this thread while trying to figure out how to get the e working, so I’m posting my solution here in the hopes of saving future people the same hassles. To make sure, read carefully installation script and, if needed, tweak it.

Maybe it will be necessary to compile the kernel? I’m a complete rookie and have no idea where to start from, can someone tell me how to get the the modem working. Not as root but as yourself, give the command “wvdial” at the terminal’s command line.


After installation your system sees E as a very fast USB modem, so you start and end connections using wvdial command or, more likely, Gnome-PPP graphical GUI This said, to get your E to work, you must have at least basic skills with console that is “command prompt” in that other OS. This command worked for me. Greetings from Austria Wolfgang.

Hardware Support

July 25th, 7. Since this connection is on a laptop intended for my grandfather, who is a fairly new computer user, I wanted to make the connection automatic in order to simplify things. The commands for the e need to be executed in order, and they’re as follows: I solved it more permanently with instructions from here: Fresh Maverick install, user profile recovered from a previous Karmic or before, I can’t remember installation.