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Answer now can this be used to access files from a flashdrive? Please disregard the above. Once you have it all hooked together, though, you can connect your iPad to everything at once just by plugging in a single connector to its Lightning port. This website uses cookies. If you ask about latency I would like to make some measurements. How-To Top stories It’s a mess, but it all works perfectly.

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I posted here because it uses the EMC app for access. Answered by Summer G from Potterville Feb 22, Flag as inappropriate Answer can this be used to access files from a flashdrive?

Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Plug in iConnect Plus to back up the contacts stored on your phone.

You shouldn’t see much latency when routing MIDI.

How to use a USB hub to hook up multiple devices to your iPad | Cult of Mac

Answer now Can I use this adapter with usb headphones to listen to music on my iPhone 7 No answers yet Similar Questions Can I use this adapter with usb headphones to listen to music on my iPhone 7. Sign In or Register to comment.


I have reset the iConnect and tried again. If anybody can name some tools for that, I’d appreciate it. Also, my post is helpful so you please play nice Give consumers the option to use the gear of their choice. You could connect hub to computer or icm but if you want audio pass thru you can only connect icm to computer so if you use huh w icm you save a USB port. Any confirmation of this is very welcome!

This is the same statement made about the first Seagate drive I had used with my iConnect for a number of years. Similar Questions will this connect with an ipad 2.

And all of those will work at once. You are welcome to try, however the only Apple-supported method for printing from an iOS device is using AirPrint. Sorry if I sound like a commercial.

Answer now can this be used to connect an appogee Jam. Still not sure for which one to go.

In my current configuration the Backup Plus drive does not produce the blue connect light over the USB port and can’t be accessed either wirelessly or through Ethernet. Just use a powered hub in combination with that host jack and start plugging stuff in.

iConnect midi & USB hub

Deb please play nice. Similar Questions Can you plug in a usb flash drive to uzb of the apple “lightning to” devices? The other big limit is power. This sports not just a USB hole, but a Lightning hole, too.


I’d rather buy a second iPad and swap devices out when the battery gets too low. To avoid this, and keep everything working, you should use a powered hub.

Similar Questions Can I use the adapter to transfer documents to my iPad off a flash drive? Some of these, like the Ethernet adapterare surprising. We do have some similar information to share with you. The idea is that you plug your Lighting charger into the adapter, and it passes the power on to the iPad. Manufacturer CME say yes, but I’m still not convinced after all it is a camera usb adapter. Most of the time adjusting one or all of the following will overcome the latency:.

I just might take a photo later to show the setup.