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Retrieved from ” https: Unsupported number of siblings 16 Performance Events: Through special instructions dom0 communicates to the Xen Project software and changes the configuration of the hypervisor. I have 1 x fresh DomU wheezy , installed with “xen-create-image”, working perfectly. That’s not normal, is it? Consult your motherboard documentation for more assistance in enabling virtualization extensions on your system.

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Registered protocol family 10 [ 1. Before we dive into creating some guest domains we will quickly cover some basic commands.

This means that you can make an “instant” copy that will only store the changes erhernet to the original. By executing the below command we are moving the hypervisor to a higher priority than default Linux so that it gets the first position in the boot menu.

XenServer – network performance issues – Networking – Discussions

The first two show that this is PV, on Xen 4. Works perfectly, it was this. Then start your VPS and watch it booting. My domUs are in a permanent ‘b’ blocked status as shown by ‘xm list’, even though they are functioning just fine.

Instead they make special calls to the hypervisor that allow them to access CPUs, storage and network resources. It does not show that HVM is active for your current guest in fact, this example came from a PV guest. Install the system The Debian installer is very straight forward.


The last shows the PV network driver is initialisjng. These other guest operating systems are called domUs.

Once you have it installed, you also need zfs support for pygrub either that, or manually copying kernel and boot archive to dom0. No working leases in persistent database – sleeping. The process can be summarized as follows:.

But another existing DomU that I want to migrate from an old Dom0 to the new onealso a Debian wheezy, seems to be not working.

When you next boot the system, the virtuall menu should include entries for starting Debian with vjrtual Xen hypervisor. In between are various enhancements to improve performance: Ian Campbell Prev by Date: Note that I’m not a Xen developer, and I’m not certain of these. I did write this in Perl, despite the hackernews community repeatedly saying that Perl is dead. Registered protocol family 16 PCI: In the meantime off the top of my head in addition to googling those messages it might be worth investigating options for extending the number of grant entries which a guest is allowed to use and perhaps whether multiqueue networking can be disabled therefore reducing the need for grant entries.


If you are using static addressing you probably know how to set that up. See the “xm” man page for more info – that’s where I dug up this. This will give you a better statistic on your real bandwidth between client and server.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I think a new feature of the Jessie kernel s is running up against some resource limit when two NICs are used. Any help would be appreciated. Xen Project leverages intiialising support by using the drivers in the Control Domain’s operating system to access many types of hardware.

So what mode is your Xen guest running with now?

Re: [Xen-users] domU with two eth but only one is active

In this guide we are going to use xen-tools to prepare a Debian paravirtualized domU. This shows that the physical host and Xen hypervisor you are on support HVM, which is useful to know.

If you get nano: You can now move onto building your own guest images or try out some prebuilt Guest VM Images.