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I take it that you’re not referring to OS X drivers. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. It’s just looking for a firewire camera. Orange Micros website has a list of software that goes with the iBot. My DSL sucks for things like this.

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IOXperts’s driver works for my Mustek cam, but I’m not paying a year’s magazine subscription for it. Jul 2, Posts: Jul 31, Posts: I’ve got a critter cam that’s sat in a drawer since OSX public beta came out.

I have emailed iRez, but they don’t even bother replying. Could be the driver’s fault, can anyone with a different USB camera try?

iREZ Kritter USB W/Wand – web camera Series

When I opened up the connection doctor, it brought up the IOXperts registration screen so it’s definitely accessing the drivers. July 25, 7: Mar 10, Posts: Jun 30, Posts: Dec 16, Posts: Sun Jul 13, 2: Keep up the good work!!


Now all we need is a hack that’ll let submhz machines use it. July 27, 4: Orange Micros website krittfr a list of software that goes with the iBot. Reply 5 of Originally posted by kefkafloyd: Reply 8 of Sat Jul 12, 3: Perhaps if someone put together a driver that presented a dummy firewire camera attached to the system, iChat could then be fooled into using the USB camera?

Software For iRez Kritter USB Webcam? – Mac Software Discussions on AppleInsider Forums

My critter cam is usless now like most other’s. Apr 4, Posts: Anyone have better luck? Nutrimentia “But you can call me Nute. Has anyone tried substituting a DV camera for an iSight and seeing if the kritter cam then works?

Irez Kritter USB driver download

Jun 4, Posts: Jan 7, Posts: Reply 2 of Fri Jul krittr, Now all I can imagine is that iChat is looking for the iSight hardware and when it finds it, iChat picks the first video stream available July 25, 6: Hopefully you have a broadband connection as well.


Well, that would be about freakin’ time.

Why a USB camera isn’t alllowed, I don’t know. Gray says my image quality was great, but I thought his image quality was mediocre at best – I think it’s because I have a better connection than he does.