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Trimp, I was just wondering how it became “Corrupted”? Performance Comparisons With AquaMark3. RightMark 3D one of the game scenes – DirectX 8. Tuesday , March 23, Author: Pentium 4 MHz based computer:

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AA doesn’t work in this game. On the front of the box there are two MSI Certified labels, one is called Silence StarForce and ensures the fan on the heatsink is 28db or quieter. Tested with anisotropic filtering enabled.

With the screen resolution set to x, we enabled 4X Anti-Aliasing with 8X Anisotropic filtering and enjoyed a few hours of gaming. The other label is called Cooling StarForce and indicates 8 degrees Celsius which means this cooling solution is suppose to keep this card 8 degrees cooler than the reference cooling solution.

It looks like a cooler from the FX Ultra at least, the sink design is very similar. Micro-Star Internationalor MSI as they have come to be known, has been in the motherboard and video card business for quite a while now.

If there is one thing you can associate MSI and video cards with these days that would be the grand software bundle included. Chaintech’s board has a pretty good package contents but its cooler doesn’t suit for overclocking needs. No doubt you are thinking competition with the ATI Radeon XT, that is exactly what struck our minds the second we heard it. But this is the marketing.


Well, yes, it’s true though there are some stipulations.

MSI FXXT-VTD ( MB) Graphics Card | eBay

When we ran this test at x, the MSI card’s average frame-rate of I have also contacted MSi Technical Support but they are slow in responding. Also to reduce costs further they use slower, less expensive RAM since the memory frequency has been decreased. A copper-like roundish sink with a msii in the center. It’s just the same except the fact that the box is larger though such size is not needed.

The following error or errors occurred while this message: But what’s going to happen in the future is unknown. Overclocking potential varies from card to card, however, so your mileage may vary.

Having only a 10MHz core difference between the XT and seems a bit odd if you ask us. Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt. When MSI expanded to include a new lineup of video cards branded with the StarForce name brand that same zeal was recognized.

Ask any savvy PC enthusiast what they look for in a video card, and they’ll likely answer you by saying it’s got to be fast, quiet, and cheap. Then they come here to complain.


fx5900xr Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: All the cards tested ran steadily during the tests and didn’t overheat. You will also notice the PCB is more compact compared to its big brother. I’ll post a link here in fx590xt anyone else has a similar problem – it worked for me. You can try sending it back into MSI, but you know you voided your Warranty.

No need to get excited. So then what makes it different?

MSI FX5900XT-VTD128 (128 MB) Graphics Card

Inside smi box there are two levels. Testbed and drivers Testbed: RightMark 3D one of the game scenes – DirectX 8. MSI’s card makes noise least of all, Chaintech’s is the loudest, though it didn’t reach the threshold after which noise gets on nerves.