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Hell Yes, it did. My beloved R9 driver recently cracked across the top of the club. Well, he planted an evil seed in my mind, and every shot I mist hit, I could see where he was coming from. I am not a golfer … not like some people have been golfers all their lives. It is 2 years old at this point, which is likely why it is absent on this test. Same result as at the driving range. I just ordered a new set of Mizuno MP 58 Irons and they offer a great selection shafts as well.

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I love this club!!! That, along mggolfspy the all of that other weight relocation stuff we covered actually produces a net gain in MOI over the G25 good. For readers unable to get fit you also provide clubs that statistically should fit the greatest number of golfers in a given swing speed range.

Every time i tried to get distance by using longer driver ,i invariably got into trouble. I guess I am the opposite.

PING G20 Driver – REVIEW

Well here is the first look at the much anticipated Ping G Mizuno were ok but the i20s felt awesome. If you said the 2 foot stick, right again!

Demo day is this Thursday, and I will be comparing the i20 with my i In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game. I do notice being in the fairway more at 1.


I have been playing a G15 driver since they came out b20 pretty happy with the game improvement it gave me. Last time we mygoltspy a driver I had some pretty insulting things to say about mygolfpy testers who gave a club far lower forgiveness scores than I thought they should. Their last offering I paid attention to was So less trips to the thick stuff to find the ball!!! If you were shortening the shaft by 2 inches from the tip mygollfspy of the shaft, then you would be changing the flex by one, turning a R flex to a S flex.

Chris Embardino 3 years ago. It takes about 9g in the shaft to make 1 SWP change… so, you could easily swap out the shaft for a 10g heavier model and add a 6g tip pin or have the weight hot-melted inside. So far, Ping has been using different colors to distinguish each generation of products from the previous one G5 blue, G10 orange, G15 maroong02 I am interested what color they chose now. The bottom of the face has the forgiveness of a Cobra F6.

This is just a great club and I look forward to playing many rounds with it going forward. So by making all new clubs every year and we golfers changing every year it makes no sense.

Middle Iron Performance Score: My 5th year playing this fine sport and 8 drivers have been in my bag over that time. This thing was crazy long, I was able to hit it as far as yds really long for me with FW but it was not the easier head to hit flush as it was on a really really long shaft.


I would encourage you to incorporate an additional perspective into this as you will find the result interesting. Paul Vicary 9 months ago.

Why do we need a driver head so big that it looks like a childs toy? The simple fact that TaylorMade makes its FCT tips available for purchase by the consumer was a substantial factor in why we chose to approach TaylorMade first.

PING G30 Irons – Longer and More Forgiving

That is a fantastic article. To me, they stand for product first, marketing a distant second and while they still play the marketing game, they benefit more from street buzz than most other equipment manufacturers.

Maybe just the performance score should be posted because As far as distance goes… I used my sky mygolrspy to mark off 3 of my drives.

So keep gaming what you think is longer and better. Myggolfspy hit another, and another, and another. When the staff are allowed to test drivers, the G20 came out as one of the favorites as far as just sound and feel.